Paris, Berlin, New-York, Tokyo, London, Madrid, etc, let us burn the Stock Exchanges of the whole world! This is a call to the revolution and to the uprising! I don’t even wisch to return on this crasch, I know  only the crisis is the fact of a completely obsolete system wich rests completely on the speculation on the Stock Exchanges, the system which already denounced, at their time, by Karl Marx and also Emile Zola, into "The Money" ("L’Argent")

We are all, poor peoples there, to pray so that certain garbage of capitalists, big persons of private means, types to be killed which do not know what to do of their cash indeed wants to buy actions X, Y, Z! All this because, if they don’t  it, it’s all the economy which collapses, that’s our purchasing power, our jobs, our housing, etc…

Not but! We aren’t there, there! We’re even going to make them burn wax candles and raise altars  ! While what it’s necessary to draw  , exactly, it’s barricades to finish it with this corruption, these temples of the cash that are entitled of life and death on our lives and our living conditions! Enough gossips, G4, G8, who will only be a cautery putting on a wooden leg! It’s the whole system who are rotten, as had foreseen it Marx!

Let us be not allowed treat any more by these sons of the bitches which make the law on the planet! Let us react, victims of the capitalism of the whole world! Tomorrow, let us meet, let us appeal to all the anti-capitalists avid to make a complete break with this system dying person! Let us require revolutionnary strengths of every country where they mobilize!

Tomorrow, it’s enough that of some thousand individuals ready to unstitch it to gather in front of stock exchanges, invade them, destroy all this material which serves only for watching for the sightest reaction of the investors!

Symbolism? Yes, as formerly French invaded, destroyed and burned the Bastille, the symbol of the Monarchy!

We have to answer the moral violence of the speculators who are entitled to life and to death on the most deprived by a physical violence!

The capitalism is a dying person, let us not him suffer, let us finish him!

Other solutions that the speculations exist!


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